“Think of your relationships as external projections of the real you, and you’ll realize that the purpose of every relationship is to teach you how to love yourself from the inside out.”
~Steve Pavlina

I love Jason Mraz. Many would say I’m obsessed, and I wouldn’t argue. I hesitated to write this post because of my reservations about the value of said obsession. It’s automatic in me to disparage such loves, in myself and in others. But why? And should I?

I think the automated disdain for obsession traces back to the socially conditioned desire to be normal. We rein in our unique light in favor of fitting in. We fear judgement, so we give up on our loves or we hide them. The habits thus created become strong and we stop questioning them. We participate in reinforcing them by being scornful of others. The world built by those habits might be normal, but it isn’t the world I want to inhabit.

Our loves (or obsessions, if you prefer) are paths to the truth that preceded all that “training.” Consider the person or thing you love to be a part of yourself. A part of yourself that you love. Can you see how valuable accepting your obsessions could be? They’re high-speed connections to your real desires.

I love Jason Mraz because his music speaks to my heart. I love him because he is hopeful, humble and a little off-beat. This love is so strong… I could fear it. I could hide it. I could discredit and dismiss it.

I accept it instead. It’s a part of myself I love that much, and I aim to help it grow. Let the road be long, I’ve got sweet tunes to hydrate my soul.